About Me

My name is Tang.  I am the daughter of refugee immigrants and I am chasing the American dream. I have a love for the sciences and am deeply embedded in my spiritual roots and holistic remedies.  I obtained my bachelors in bioengineering and my masters in global health with an emphasis on maternal child health.  I am now a pharmacy doctoral student at one of the best universities in the world.

I am deeply intrigued by vintage fashion, art as a healing modality, skincare remedies, social media platforms, and what it means to be beautiful as a brown indigenous woman living in a society that commodifies and appropriates our culture, healing practices, and bodies.

This blog is a look into my life, as I delve into the various identities and intersects that I regularly juggle, particularly in: academia, beauty, sciences, art, fashion, healing, and photography.

Fun facts:  I travel regularly, I enjoy night photography, vintage thrifting is a talent of mine, I am deeply skilled in art techniques, I can often be found reading for fun, I believe in God, am deeply patriotic, I freelance occasionally, am happily newly married, and love talking about the purpose of life.  Join me on my adventure through pharmacy school as a broke millennial, navigating spaces that are new to my entire lineage.

With Love,


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