To the moon and back.

I dream such big dreams. Sometimes my heart and hands are in seven different pots because I have so many passion projects.  I received my biopsy results during the break and, although I can’t really decipher what it all means, I know there are some steps I need to take to get back into the right direction.  I need to pour my heart, soul, and dreams back into things that bring me joy.  Since this pandemic, I no longer garden, sing, play music, or read for leisure.  I no longer volunteer for youth programs that serve under served communities of color.  I do not take walks along the beach anymore, kayak, or even spend time with my siblings.  My body and soul has been aching for love, nourishment and kindness.  So I’m going to pour my heart back into photography, arts, and the many things I love.  There are things I loved to do before, like read, or walk through libraries.

There are so many things that brought me joy that I felt were rapidly stripped from me through fear.

This pandemic has onset the worst in people who already live with anxiety.  It’s been even worst for those who regularly struggle with anxiety, are grieving loss, and grieving the loss of every day human privileges.

So for my new years resolution, I am going to try to go back to the many things I loved before this pandemic: photography, writing, blogging, and journaling.  I’m going to take a step back from instagram and social media, and focus more on my blog and photo content.  I can’t wait to start editing again.

With Love,

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