Summer Loving

Bouquets and floral art.

What a summer its been. I have been loving every aspect of this summer break so far.  Right now I am working seven days a week, anywhere between 52-60 hours.  Its been a steep learning curve, readjusting to being a new staff again, starting from scratch.

I like changes, I like learning. I like being able to know how medications are transferred from one space to another, why/when a medication is dispensed, I like hearing the code blues on the intercom, I like hearing the daily prayers on the intercom.  I like the constant movement from one space to another.  At one hospital I code, provide data analysis… at the other hospital I learn the roundabouts of dispensing and technician duties.

With my seven day work schedule comes a lot of compromise.  I miss the weekends with my husband, traveling to beaches, camping, the smell of the ocean.  When I get home from my weekend shifts, I take an hour nap, I take the dogs out, and make sure to get ready to go out on dates.  Honestly, it is not even a question.  I don’t care how tired I am because my marriage matters.  The last thing I want is to let my marriage suffer at the cost of short-term career goals.

In between work, I work out, and I play with flowers.

I can’t remember if I mentioned this… but…

During the pandemic I started playing with florals.  Florals have been a huge source of love and self-care for me.  As you know, gardening and plants have always been such a huge source of healing for me.  When the community garden, I volunteered for, closed – I felt a huge part of my wellness leave with it. Florals became such a staple for me.  I am incredibly grateful to have picked up this hobby;  The smell of flowers used to remind me of death.  It reminds me of hope now. It reminds me of love and provides me with memories of those who have passed onto the next life.

Monarchs, deers, and birds have been visiting me lately.  I can tell I am receiving an abundance of messages from those who have passed, those who are reminding me I am loved.


With Love,

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