Prepping for Pharmacy School in a Pandemic While Married


Pharmacy school is scheduled to begin in approximately one week.  My husband and I spent yesterday organizing my room and shredding things that no longer need to be here. I’ve spent the last ten years holding onto a lot of things:  physically, emotionally, materialistically.  Lost dreams, papers that signified hope, thank you letters, shoes, clothes at a skinnier time.  I made the decision to purge the room and clear it out because this is the first time a pharmacy cohort will be fully remote due to the pandemic.  This means I will be in my room: studying, working, and attending lecture Monday – Sunday.  I wanted to make sure my study/sleeping space was also a space that contained good energy.  The past is the past, and I’m going to keep it that way and I do not want it to hold me down.

This week I primarily focused on the things I can control:  calendaring, scheduling, and getting things together to ease my transition to zoom university’s pharmacy school.  I started writing small post-it notes for my husband with little times of when he should run certain errands throughout the day.  You know, things I traditionally took care of, but will no longer be able to– due to my work and school responsibilities.  I have slowly been transitioning more responsibilities over to my husband since February.  Like many women, I am accustomed to taking care of myself and others, but he and I decided that he would take on more emotional burden as I power forward through pharmacy school while working full time.  We started transitioning small things, like:  coffee in the mornings, breakfast, dishes, taking the dogs out, and laundry.   I will still be primarily responsible for fiscal items, the living room, deep cleans of other communal spaces, and cooking fresh meals for lunch/dinner.  Being married, while in pharmacy school, is a journey I rarely hear about, and my blog will shift towards that lens in the upcoming six years.  I am grateful/blessed my husband agrees to split so many responsibilities with me.  Albeit he’s learning — it has been a work in progress and he acknowledges there is always room for improvement.  I appreciate that he tries to do better and I have to continuously remind myself to be patient with his progress (I’m an OCD perfectionist).  For those of you who understand the deep-rootedness of Hmong patriarchy, you know my husband’s willingness to alleviate my workload is unheard of.

An example of my schedule
School Schedule Sample

In my calendar I set aside time to focus on the dogs and set aside time for dates with my husband on the weekends.  It’s important that my family knows they are a priority in my life.  I’ve been a hustler for all of my life — and setting aside a few hours a day to prioritize my family isn’t going to take away from my ability to be a future provider.  

The last two weeks, I have been taking care of these calendars, while managing onboarding paper works, documents, and work.  I want a smooth transition, and have spent the last couple of months carefully crafting my relationship (with my husband and God) to prepare for pharmacy school.  

I hope you all are well amidst this pandemic.  

Blessings and safety,


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