It’s been a month!

I can’t believe I haven’t posted in over a month!  There were so many times I started a post … then stopped.  My blog is currently filled with 21 incomplete drafts.  I believe that is a telling sign of where my head and heart has been.

f484d7f3-d33c-448e-99db-96e2e02c97c9Last week some of the stay at home orders were loosened and I jumped at the opportunity to bask in the sun.  My husband and I made our way to the Antelope Valley poppy fields but alas … we found nothing.  We were one week too late.  It was still a fun adventure to say the least.  I spent time with my two younger siblings, took the doggos for a hike, and we enjoyed the sun, laughter, and jokes that immediately followed our poppy-less poppy field adventure.  There are small things I’m learning to enjoy in the midst of the stay at home orders. For example….

I am beginning to rekindle my home making passions.  I just ordered 10 lbs of candle making supplies and I hope to start that passion project again.  My closet sales have increased significantly – which is a huge upside, and I’ve decorated the living room since I am in the living room for the majority of the day and week now.  I always felt the living space was a temporary living area, because of my initial hope of moving to Colorado, but it seems I will be here a little longer then I initially anticipated.  I might as well make it cozy while I live in it, right?  I added a dark rug to the living room, two Japanese sitting chairs, and brought in my wicker bench and chair.  It adds a touch of “home” to the space.  I also opened up the space more, so we could sit, eat, and lay down when/were necessary.  All thanks to ‘Rona.

I thought it would be nice to update you, that I followed through with my lent: running and devotion.  Lent changed me profoundly in new and different ways. It was a blessing, to be able to run, alongside the beach, and marvel at the magnificent things He has created for us.  My lent run(s) reached a point where I could finally run, breathe, and enjoy God’s great gifts to us.  I am forever grateful for all that He provides, especially my family’s health amidst a pandemic.

I’ve ran since Easter but not nearly in the same capacity or level as lent.  Most of all I’m just learning to live in the midst of uncertainty:  uncertainty for what the Fall term will provide, uncertainty for my career, uncertainty with my husband’s job, and uncertainty on what the future holds for me.  I do, however, hold onto the certainty that God is everlasting and will pave a path for me.  Faith is all I have, and for me, that is quite enough because my faith is the reason why I continue to persevere.  God is good.  I hope you are all well. ❤



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