I’ve been quieter these days.

My platform is quieter, I am sick of holding my phone and reading hundreds of text messages, my sleep schedule is ruined, and my hair has not been managed in two weeks.  How is this even related to COVID-19?  Well… my place is relatively tiny and the living room has turned into a working space with my husband.  My husband and I are extremely outdoorsy people (naturally) but the parks/beaches are now closed.  The living space has become the “working”, school, eating, and study space.  It’s almost like my body doesn’t recognize my home as space for me to rest anymore.  I usually run a tight sleep schedule, wake up at 5 am and sleep by 9PM.  The gym closures, and my uneasy nerve of being Asian, means my husband only takes the dog out during the day time now.  My chronic health condition also means I’m cautiously sheltering in place for my own vulnerable livelihood.

I can’t help but wonder how blessed upper-class Americans are.  Working out in their personal gyms, swimming in their pools, gardening together, going for bike strolls… Aside from the pandemic itself, this feels like class warfare.  Mixed in with hate crimes, socialized racism, fear, and deep darkness.  It is also a time to reassess our own biases, beliefs, uneasiness, and room for love/hope/growth.

Almost everyone I know was furloughed or laid off this week, with the exception of my healthcare friends and family members.  Right now many healthcare workers feel like slaves bound to treating patients without being properly equipped, and my heart can not help but ache for those with families and young children at home. They are putting their lives on the line, to save lives, yet are not being properly tended to.

So friends–I am going to pray more, and try as much to manage my emotional, spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing in the midst of this anxiety.  Please take care of your loved ones.



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