Counting my blessings.

There are so many emotions that I have running through me. It is a complex mixture of helplessness, pain, blessings, grace, joy, uneasiness, and gratitude.  I find myself in a state of joy, a state I could not possibly imagine myself in, especially as the world continuously experiences despair.  It is that very reason, I have so many mixed emotions.  Happiness and joy during a time of economic sorrow.  God has blessed me profoundly with many mentors and individuals who have invested in me throughout my entire existence.

In high school, I had art teachers, counselors, and coaches who cheered me from the sidelines. I often credit them with giving me a limitless bound of creativity and energy.  In college I had professors who believed in me so deeply, that I can not even imagine my life without their influence. I have had a plethora of blessings come my way the past two weeks, and in an abundance I could have never fathom.  I’m going to be thirty this year and I still know the names of every individual who positively guided and molded me to become the person I am today.

Last week I discovered many of my close friends were furloughed and/or laid off.  I am experiencing a deep pit of sadness.  How am I able to experience joy when so many people are no longer able to pay their bills, hold their loved ones, or provide for their family?  I am blessed beyond measured means.  This is a reminder to hold my fur babies a little tighter, pray more, be kinder, and open my heart by giving to those with less.

In the midst of the chaotic silence, I am practicing strict home isolation protocols, and only leave the house to run during hours that ensure little to no human contact.  I am a vulnerable group and have an anaphylactic allergic reaction to the antibiotic that primarily treats pnuemonia.  I am praying in abundance for everyone whose been impacted by the virus.  Know that you are not alone in this.




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