Lent: Day 24 of 40 & USC bound.

As you know, I’ve been off of most of social media.  It is the item I am fasting for Lent.  My Facebook and public Instagram have been inactive for 24 days now.  There are sixteen days left of lent remaining.  In addition to my social media fast, I have also tried running a mile every day.  After I run my mile, I follow it with a prayer and devotional.  It has been such a profound and incredibly difficult, but beautiful, experience. I am learning a lot about myself and my ability/inability to push myself to listen to what God is saying in a world of busy-ness, chaos, technological advancement, and movement.

In many ways, being without social media has been helpful in easing my anxieties with the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic.  I am not inundated with harmful, eery media, and I am distanced from the worries of the world.  At the same time, my heart has grown wary with the weight of this pandemic.  I fear this pandemic will bring out the worst in humanity, and that many people will suffer loss and hardship.  I am praying for all of us and that we put our faith in the Father to guide us against our fears.

My husband and I have prayed patiently, for over six months, around my career and future.  I have been blessed abundantly and God has shed grace over me.  I made the decision to attend USC this week and am set to begin in the Fall of 2020.  I initially planned to attend the University of Colorado – Denver but the onset of the recession has led us back to California for many reasons.  Most importantly we believe God is guiding and providing for us, in ways that we can not foresee or imagine.    I guess I’m going to be Trojan now and will remain in beautiful Southern California.

Are you safe? Are you okay?  How are you taking care of yourself amongst the anxiety and fears of the world?



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