That’s me, tumbling down. down. down.

I take my dogs out for a long outdoor escape at least once a week.  My husband and I walk them most evenings but I still like to take them out for a long walk and hike every weekend.  I can see how being cooped indoors is mind-boggling, for a human, so I can not imagine how my dogs feel.

We decided to go on a trail in San Pedro this weekend and discovered a park haven for dogs that overlooked the ocean.  Bear, the little fur baby featured in this blog image, decided to embrace the grace and take a tumble down the hills.  His sheer joy was social-media-worthy.

I guess I should start looking at life in the same way Bear does.  There is a beautiful horizon and ocean up ahead.  I can’t control how I am going to get there, if I will get there, or how I will encounter the road in between … but I can enjoy the ride along the way.

There are a lot of unknown parts in this venture to pharmacy school.  Will I go to Colorado or am I going to stay in Los Angeles?  My heart is yearning to move to Colorado but all the signs are pointing me back to Los Angeles.

There are a lot of reasons why I would like to move, particularly, I would like a new scenery for my marriage and life.  I am not a fan of the hustling movement in Los Angeles and I am ready for a slower pace.  I hate the LA traffic, the constant movement, the cramped space, the smog that hovers over Los Angeles, the non-dog friendly environments, and the distance between location A to location B.  I just want … a slower pace of life.  Until things fall into place – I guess I’ll just roll down the hill and see what happens.  I am blessed beyond means…

God has given me options. Many people do not have options … and I do. I am so grateful for His grace and whole-heartedly put my future in His hands.  I am twelve days into lent.  My runs are getting better and I am becoming more disciplined every day.  Do I love it ?  No, I do not love running but I do love the holy hour listening to devotion and being alongside my husband in this experience.  It’s a spiritual discipline I did not think I was capable of but … look at me now.  Twenty eight more days to go.



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