You’re removing faith.

My colleagues on and I regularly go on wellness walks during the work day.  We usually walk laps in between the large parking lots, and it accumulates into thousands of steps.  It gives us a break to just process various emotions and feelings we may be neglecting in our real outside life.

Yesterday in particular, it was only me and another colleague.  I was updating her on my health concerns, issues, and what my health documents were screening me for (in my CT scans).  I told her best case scenario, I had an infection of the lungs. I told her my husband and I were planning for best and worst case scenarios, so we could have all fields covered from our end.  She paused a bit, listened, and said, “You shouldn’t be planning for best and worst case scenario.  By doing that – you aren’t putting your faith in God.  You don’t plan for best/worst case until the results have been given to you.  God has a time and reason for everything.”  I was taken aback. Her words were simple but held truth.  I was not putting my faith in God.  I went home and meditated on this, got into bed early, and had an honest conversation with Him.  I apologized and reflected on the words.

I was taking the faith out of my own life and trying to control an issue.  An issue not within control.  I need to trust God will take care of me, He has a plan for me, and a timing for me.



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