Two Year Wedding Anniversary
Gladstone’s Long Beach

My husband and I could not celebrate our anniversary last week, due to me being ill, so we agreed to set our celebration back by a week. We went to Gladstones and bought the clambake for two.  I’ve been wanting to eat this for a few years now because of Matthew Mcconaughey.  He always makes it look so good when he eats seafood boil.  So we did!  We had a view that looked out onto the ocean, it was really nice and warm, so we also soaked the Vitamin D.  It was calm, sweet, slow, and subtle.  I loved it.

On my main page, you’ll see I have a six-month countdown before I leave for Colorado.  It’s kind of crazy how fast time is flying and makes me a bit nervous.  It keeps putting me in a funk:  what do I need to pay off before we leave?  What funds do I need to save?  Where can I go and/or not go?   What are the occasions I can actually afford to be present at?  It’s crunch time!  At the same time, I still really want manicures, material items, and to go out.  I know… first world problems.

I’ll be purchasing a national park pass with my next paycheck. Before I leave California -I’m hoping to visit as many places in California (as possible).  What’s nice about the national park pass, is that I can continue using it even after I leave California.  Hoping to get my dirty thirty body back in order, which means I need to lose thirty. lol. ❤ wish me the best of luck.

I’m still waiting for my CT scan results but once I get them – I will make sure to update you all.



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