Christmas in California.

Colorado is seven months away and it is essentially crunch time.  Steveo and I wanted to spend Christmas with the family this year.

We knew we’d be financially bound the next four years, and wanted to spend it with everyone one last time before departing.  I am nervous but eager to see what 2020 holds for me.  This year was a rough year but I think things will begin to take a turn for the better.

There are a few things that haven’t come together yet: new employment, housing, and safety nets.  But I have faith that Christ will continue to bless me even during the darkest  and lightest of moments.

The holiday season always brings out the best in me.  A few weeks ago I hosted a fundraising workshop for the garden I regularly volunteer at.  It raised enough funds to create a worm composting system.  This will be integrated into the garden next month and will hopefully continue beyond my time at the Garden of Hope.  The composting system will sustain the earth, which will help with creating a harvest for chemo patients’ family, and also create a wellness space for the staff who regularly support cancer patients.

With that said, I’m beginning to create my vision board for the upcoming year.

I recently joined a scholarship committee and am a part of the scholarship selection process. I also hope to fundraise more money to charitable causes in 2020.  I do not see the purpose of being given gifts if I am not using it to help others during my time on earth.  I’ve been running from my gifts and talents, and I think it’s time I began using it for the various reasons I was given the gift.  Next year is going to be a turning year.  I promise you.  I also hope to grow, blog, and be more vulnerable with you this year. I was not as active this year, for obvious reasons, but hope to be back regularly three times a week next year.  I love all of you so much for supporting me through all of my writing processes and growing pains.  Merry belated Christmas and happy holidays.



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