Fall, falls.

I had my sixth physiology exam today and fell on the way back out of class. The fall tore my pants and messed up my hands.  I think the fall was due to fatigue.  I usually do not get home until 7pm, so dinner follows, showering, then studying.  I then wake up at 3AM the next day to study for two hours before heading to my 6AM class. After class ends at 9:30AM I head straight to work for an eight hour shift.  I have class every Saturday.  All that is to say – dreams take a lot of hard work, and it is not always pretty but the end result is always worth it.

I tried applying for an API based scholarship over the weekend and quickly discovered after a few pages of the application, I exceeded the age cut – off.  I reflected for a few moments then decided I would apply to instead be part of the committee that screens the scholarship applications.  Why? Because… representation matters.  This is a conversation I will delve deeper into as I continue to apply to scholarships. Particularly because this is a sensitive area that I feel strongly about: the notion of the oppression olympics in the API community and the diaspora in my own community.

There are  three weeks remaining in the semester and I am so thrilled to finally get my weekends back.  I would like to end the year with a bang.  I kind of love the idea of ending the year outdoors in California.  Especially since I won’t be around much longer to enjoy the little specks that make California, California.  I suppose next year I’ll be spending more time on the beach before my departure to Colorado (typing that out actually made me kind of sad).

I have a mixture of emotions today, and I guess you can call them “growing pains.” I’m not too sure how I feel about it but I suppose the Thanksgiving break will give me depth, perspective, and insight.  My colleague has a saying about #kneeology.  Giving it to God to manage.  So instead of me focusing on how to process this – I will let God take the reins and guide me.  He’s taken me this far, hasn’t He?  I’ve learned that as long as I follow His tune, I am never defeated or helpless.  We can all take lessons from the chapters He’s provided us with.

Ask and it will be given unto you.

Matthew 7:7

Love and light,


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