Snuggle up.

I’ve caught something.

I just came back from Oregon and it appears that I caught whatever was going around and brought it down with me.  I’m aching, in the neck, ears, throat. My nose is draining, draining, draining.  Yesterday I was out sick with a fever and today I’m just feeling heavily congested.  My temperature went back down to 99.9 last night and was at 99.8 this morning, just below a fever.

The weather outside is heated, not actually heated, but it’s been down pouring hail, rain, and so much more. It’s been a nice change from the dry heat.  I love colder weather because I get to take out all of my knits and layers out but…. when it’s combined with a fever … everything just feels like ice.

The Christmas season is quickly coming upon us and I’m so excited to start prepping stocking stuffers and making gifts! This year I’m making soap for all of my lovely friends. It’s going to be such a wonderful season. ❤ Aside from that, things have been relatively tight from my end.  I’m getting into the motion now, of prepping for the move. So I’ve been assessing the allocation of money and funds. It’s quite a confusing process and I’m unsure of how to go about it.  How much does a u-haul going state to state? How does housing work out of state cost? What do I do?! Is there a how to guide or blog out there that helps with moving from California to another state?

The remainder of my time, I’ve been focusing on passing my pre-requisite courses and applying for scholarships/fellowships.  I have a wide range of work experience, and I do not want to stop utilizing my skills just because I’m in school.  All in all, I’m feeling pretty blessed with the concerns I do have.  It’s better to be in this boat, then not in this boat (I suppose).

God has been so good to me and I’m excited to begin this next chapter in my life.  It’s time for us to begin counting down!


Love and light,


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