My first.

I initially hoped for a fresh tree but the idea of a possible move in the future made me realize it’s probably best to stick to a smaller fake tree in the meantime.. In addition to that, it seems more appropriate because it’s still a little under two months from Christmas.  The tree is my first tree. I’ve NEVER had the chance to decorate my own tree because the “favorite children” in my family always had first dibs over me.  Christmas is quite the ordeal in my household.  Granted there’s thirteen of us, the time never came around for me.

This is my first Christmas tree and it’s shared with my lovely husband! A first for the both of us.  We’re polar opposites (from my understanding).  His family did not really celebrate Christmas, and mine was over the top with Christmas.  Therefore this tree is a big deal to the both of us.  Hence, the early decoration.  We’re going for an outdoor hunting theme.  Right now it has reindeers, antlers, gold bows, plush fox heads, and clear ornaments filled with baby’s breath/eucalyptus.  I’m waiting on the larger ribbon to come in and another ornament filler.  It looks pretty simple/empty in the mean time, but I assure you – it will be a beautiful first for the both of us by the time December comes. ❤ YAY!

How are all of you lovelies doing?

Love and light,



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