By myself

It’s Halloween. California is burning, my husband is at my brother’s senior night, my sister is taking out my niece to trick-or-treat, the dogs are dressed as pokemon’s with my family, and I am home alone. Watching Avengers…

Being home alone is such a relaxant for me. I love being home alone, it rarely happens, but I am exhausted on so many different levels and scales. My Dad had his heart surgery, and I feel like I’ve been running around like a maniac the last two weeks trying to get things in order.

Work has been good, I love work, and its been over a year.

Marriage is great but it’s always a lot of work. If there is one thing I’ve learned along the way, it is this: love is a two way street that requires work from the both of you. Steve helps with the laundry, cleaning and dishes while I work on homework, attend classes, clean the dogs, organize the schedules, and cook. It is an effort-filled balance but it works for the both of us. I love that guy and he drives me nuts sometimes but I’m still in love with him.


I am eyeing a woodwork project soon. I have not worked on a project since the spring, so I am itching to refurbish a new piece. I’m in need of a new shoe drawer/set up – and will be looking for a sturdy wood piece this weekend to revitalize. A lot of my “passion projects have focused on the garden this year. I’m looking forward to spending more time at home, so I can create soap bars and oils. It’s been a few months since my last batch and I need to make new hair serum.

As I’m writing this blog, my eyes are literally drooping with sleepiness. You guys… I am exhausted on so many levels. Please pray for me as I weather through this storm… I am in need of it.

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