bundles of friyay

I volunteer at my workplace’s garden most Fridays, which essentially makes it my favorite day of the week.  The garden has different species of tomato, bok choy, arugula, thyme, lemon balm, lettuce, squash, and pumpkin.  My favorite part of the garden is the herb section.

It has lemon grass, lemon balm, thyme, oregano, rosemary, lavender, and common sage.  It’s sooo nice to be in the dirt once a week and to also grow it for patients and coworkers alike.

I made a few bundles today: lavender, common sage, and rosemary.  It rested on my desk for the remainder of the day and smelled soo lovely.  Whenever I get sleepy, I just look at my plants and it helps me feel soo much better.

Any ways, I love where my head space is at today.  It feels good to enter and end the week in the way that it is today.  My husband reformatted the house and room yesterday, and the new configuration is so much roomier, calming, and nice.  Everything is moving at such a good pace and I feel blessed beyond belief.  I am submitting a few scholarships this month and am nervous but excited for what the future holds.  Wishing and hoping for the best in the upcoming months.

Dad has been going in and out of hospital visits because of his heart.  He seems to have given up on fighting.  I’m not sure if this happened too quickly for him, but it seems as though that may be the case.  The family and I spent the last two weekends shuffling around city to city trying to configure the legal items that need to be taken care of, in case anything goes wrong with his upcoming surgeries.

All to say is: life is short, enjoy the little moments because they add up.

Love and light,



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