My life the last year

July of last  year I made the decision to leave a comfortable job that I was good at.  I took a leap into nothing.

I needed rest.

A little less than a month later, a recruiter found me and offered me a short term consulting position.  That short term consulting position extended to… now.   I got married last year and I took a lot of time to self reflect on my next career path.

After quitting in July 2018, I went back to school full time to fulfill prerequisites, took on a one year interim program director position, worked full time at a clinical hospital as a consultant, and began new passions.  I knew I wanted to be a doctor but wasn’t sure what I wanted my doctorates in: organizational psychology, medicine, pharmacy, or data informatics/science?  I fulfilled the prerequisites for all of them and then decided to journey my way around… I asked professionals what their work day looked like, salary, level of happiness/joy, schooling, debt and family balance.  Needless to say, all four were lucrative careers that accrued debt, had great salaries, and healthy work balances.  The difference was the level of happiness around their own families and patient interaction, if any.

I chose Pharmacy.

Everyone that I spoke to in Pharmacy seemed more then happy. I spoke to specialized clinical pharmacists and they all reflected the same level of joy.  All of them were happy with their decision and ability to specialize.  I also learned that I could specialize in informatics as a pharmacist, an area I could explore if I decided to not go the clinical route.  That essentially sealed the deal for me, since I currently work under a clinical informatics branch.

So that’s what I’ve been doing the last year and three months. I’ve been reading (currently at book 29 of 50), going to school full time, working more then full time, supporting my husband’s career growth, I’ve been applying and interviewing to graduate schools, and now I just need to pay the security deposit for my seat.  #fall2020

It has been a long, hard, and quiet year on the blog– but it was worth it.

Guys… I did it.  All by myself with a lot of help from God. I’ll be spending the next month applying for scholarships.  Wish me the best of luck and do not ever stop chasing your dreams.  Find people who believe in your dreams just as much as you do, and the dynamics of your life will change so profoundly.

Love and light,



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