It’s moving.

This week has been such a journey.  I picked up some of my scores from “way back” and met with a counselor to further assess my educational track records.  It was such a cool experience going through the database, and getting a deeper understanding of my scores and its meaning.

I started physiology this semester and it’s a pretty fun course. I forgot how much I liked and enjoyed chemistry.  I’m still working full time but this semester I’m only going to school part time because I have graduate school interviews spread throughout the Fall term.  I’ll be traveling to Colorado at the end of September, Oregon in November, and a few local schools throughout October.  Definitely hoping and praying that God guides me throughout this process because it has been a long time coming.  Wherever I go next is where I would like to settle down.  Steve and I will be traveling together so we get a better understanding of his career opportunities as well.

img_0186My partner and I attended a sold-out Kacey Musgraves concert this weekend.  It was such a nice way for us to end our summer.  The last year was relatively stressful for the both of us, so it was so enjoyable and nice to get sentimental time with each other.  His new job has been such a blessing in disguise, and I am so profoundly proud of him.  In addition to that, I’ve been in my position for over a year now and always feel so blessed and happy that I made the decision to leave my last position.  Guys, take that leap of faith.  I have not regretted it at all.

For one, wellness is such a huge component of all aspects of my job.  For example, I joined the organization’s gardening wellness club today.  It’s a two hour club meeting that is paid for on the clock.  I assisted with harvesting organic summer crops, herbs, and shrubbery.  I can pick the harvested items for myself, or can water the crops so our patients can eat it here on campus.  There are zero pesticides used and we work alongside coworkers, university professionals, and patients.  What I also love about this new environment is that they are so deeply respectful of religious practices.  I can attend mass and they have interfaith services on a weekly basis, on the clock.  Yes, I work in a clinical research environment, but there is a deep understanding of the role faith plays in the realm of holistic healing.  Last but not least, I love our wellness walking stations!  It’s amazing.  All of my managers are always advocating for my growth, they do not pressure me to stay stagnant, and accommodate my educational plans without even asking questions.  Trust God, put your faith in Him, and the rest will follow.

Love and light,


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