I have not blogged in two months.

The past five months have been excruciating.  I avoided blogging because I could not find the words to explain the depth of emotions running through me.  Everything came back together at the end of July but we’ve been hurling from the fiscal repercussions.  My husband’s car needed a-really-expensive repair after he was let go.  He was let go the week we were scheduled to move.  My car was towed in June.  I lost my health insurance.  His former employer sent him to court.    All my grades dropped ten percent.

My husband found a job at the end of June, so my health insurance was reinstated in July. In July we found out we won our court case.  I just started applying to doctorate programs.  Both cars are up and running now.  I passed with B’s.

Every ugly emotion you do not want to experience, in your first year of marriage, we experienced.

I have forced myself out of bed every single day the past five months.  I went into survival mode and worked extra hours to ensure my family was taken care of.  I am exhausted and finally have the bandwidth to just cry without feeling like I’m letting someone else down.  Have you ever had life take you, and throw you through the ringer and back?  That’s how the past five months felt.  God never gives you something you can not handle.  Trust in His process.  Onto the next chapter.

Love and light,


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