For worst and for worst?

I think that one of the things that surprises me most is the response I get, from people, when they hear that Steve and I have hit a new obstacle in our marriage.  There’s an idea of impeding doom or divorce.  I think that as a society divorce has become such a quick fix to problems. I’m a fighter, and I tell people this is a stepping stone in our marriage, not a death sentence.  Marriages and all relationships are filled with ups and downs.

The down moments help define us and are the moments that reveal our true character.  These obstacles help strengthen our relationship because it shows the depth of support and love that we have for another.  Social media has shifted the landscape in which we construct our deepest thoughts.  It is healthy to frame marriages and relationships as fruitful, meaningful and difficult.  Too often social media hides reality in a facade.  There needs to be a deeper dialogue on the lived/whole experience people cycle themselves through.  Doesn’t there?

Cheers to love and a whole lifetime to go.

Love and light,


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