Sustainable Fashion ?

I think I mentioned in my past few posts that things have been pretty rough on this end, with that being said, I opened up a poshmark a few weeks ago.  We just moved, and during the moving process I realized how much weight I gained.  I also realized I was still hoarding onto clothes that I used to fit when I was a size small.  I am obviously no longer a size small.

After Steveo and my second round of Goodwill donations, my coworker mentioned to me I should try to poshmark my clothing if it was in good condition.  I was like uh, yeah, most of them are like new or with tags!  With Steveo being unemployed, it made more sense for us to open a poshmark, to  bring in a bit of income to help with small things like gas or food.  So here we are, after donating about $2k of clothing, we realized we could sell clothing to help us with small things while we overcome this small hurdle/feat. *facepalms

The shop has a variety of high end name brand clothing from Anthropologie, Free People, Madewell, Diamond Supply Co., Lululemon, Zara, rag&bone and vintage items.  It’s been really great just sharing with people my style and Steveo’s style.  Albeit, we don’t fit them anymore, but it doesn’t mean that someone else can’t fall in love with it.  How’s that for sustainable ecofriendly fashion?


Love and light,


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