Handle it.

Have you ever heard of the saying that, “God never gives you something you can’t handle?”  Well, I guess there’s a bit of truth to that.  It is just a matter of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Sometimes that light can feel dim for me and almost impossible.  Especially when it is coupled with my anxiety, full time school schedule, work schedule, and director duties I sometimes question how I’m going to figure it all out.  I do.

My husband’s unemployment has brought out a tenacious side of me, that I thought I laid to rest.  But this has been good for me, albeit rough, it has been good for me.  Did I just repeat that twice? Yes, I did.  I forgot what it was like to want something so bad… that it hurt.  I’ve never been handed things and have had to work for everything in my life.  With that being said, it’s just helped me realize (even more) that if I want something I’m going to have to do it on my own. I am beginning to learn that there are  more creative streams of bringing in passive revenue.  I’m getting smarter with investing, reallocating my debt, and developing a financial plan before I go back to graduate school.  I have one year left to embrace this half-hazard lifestyle before going to graduate school.  Am I going to nail it?  Absolutely!  Am I going to come out unscathed?  Probably not.

2019 is starting off on all the rough/wrong notes but I know it will be worth it in 2020.  I’ve always said 30 will be my lucky year and I truly think it will be.

Now that I’m aging, developing in my career, and re-prioritizing my goals – I’ve started selling items in my closet.  I’ve also gained a lot of weight, which means some of my favorite items no longer fits.


In addition, I’ve asked Stephen to start cleaning out his closet as well.  We initially donated $1000.00+ worth of items, and then my coworker told me to not donate my second batch and to sell it instead.  I totally did not consider selling my items on ebay or poshmark, but after she mentioned it, I was like, “Yeah, you’re totally right.  Most of these items are either in great condition, mint condition, or new with tags.”  I’m hoping to transition my closet out to nudes, creams, white, black, and blue.  I am gravitating more towards natural hues to capture my style a bit more moving forward.  I think it’s important to develop my wardrobe’s versatility and simplicity.  I want to be taken seriously for the quality of my work, not the quality of my wardrobe.  While there are perks to wardrobe, I want to be able to change out the basics of my wardrobe, or mix and match, seamlessly.   As a women working in the tech sector, it is important that I am taken as seriously as my male colleagues.  So I’m getting rid of the florals, bright hues, prints, etc.

How are all of you doing?  Its been a minute.

Love and light,


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