Friday frustrations #lent

This lent has been a test of my spiritual and emotional health.  It’s been a difficult process that has tested my compassion and willingness to give in more than one way.  For the most part, I feel like I’m failing at both.

The move is beginning to settle in and most of our items are unpacked.  It’s been two weeks worth of unpacking.  The dogs seem to enjoy the new place, and they love the couch and heaps of pillow that decorate the couch.  I enjoy the dog’s company, and am grateful they love me unconditionally in the midst of all this madness.  I’m not sure if I could get through most of my hurdles, were it not for them.  They remind me to take walks, to enjoy the air outside, to feed myself, and to take things at a pace that my body can handle.

In many ways, my marriage is being tested, and we’ve encountered our first obstacle together.  In my opinion, it is through these moments true character shows.  I’m sure when I look back on this period, I will understand that we are coming out stronger as a couple.  In the mean time, right now it feels frustrating, and a large part of me is just angry, exhausted, drained, and tired.  I have no idea how middle class families can raise a family on a single household income.

How are all of you?  I think I’ll be creating concoctions this weekend to take my mind off of things.  Healing is definitely needed at this point and time.


Love and light,



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