#peachy lent updates


I started a new project.  I mentioned previously that we’re moving this weekend, and I am so utterly excited.  My coworkers told me a few of the goodwills, in orange county, were selling new furniture from Target at 50-70% off the original price.  A lot of these items were still new from the box.  I picked up a few brand new items: two bar stools, a coffee table, a woven basket, and a straw wood bench.  I was initially on the look out for a TV stand, but didn’t find anything that blew my mind.

Instead of purchasing a new TV stand I found a sturdy and well built wooden table.  The table had quite a number of scratches, but for the most part was in great condition.  It retailed for $9.99 (what a steal for a beautifully built piece).  I sanded down the outer layer, and none of the scratch marks or original coat is on the table anymore.  Today I’ll be adding an off-white chalk paint to the desk.  I’m aiming for a rustic light living room that invites warmth into the room.  In total everything cost $150.00;  That’s a steal for two well built tables (each retails for $160 new), a bench ($80), and a woven basket (retail value $50).  I’ll be learning to reupholster chairs for our new living space.  I think I like the idea of DIY’ing 90% of the living space.  It’ll add a nice air to everything, and it welcomes customization, which is something I love.  Flipping items is increasingly therapeutic for me, so I will definitely continue doing this as I begin nesting, especially because it’s so cost-efficient as well.  I’m aiming for a pregnancy in 2020.  Right… we’ll get to that in one of my future posts… 😉

Lent has been difficult.  It’s kind of strange but a big part of me just doesn’t want to be kind or compassionate to people who I feel are undeserving of that side of me.  This lent is definitely teaching me patience and it is giving me deeper insight to reflect where these feelings may be stemming from.  For a large part of my life I created barriers, to protect myself from people, as a defense mechanism to avoid being hurt. I did not allow myself to be vulnerable.  It was a protective mechanism I developed as a young child and is an issue I am still straggling with.

Aside from being kind to myself, I also need to allow others to walk into my life.


How are you on this beautiful Monday?




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