Rollercoaster ride #lent

Needless to say, lent in itself is a difficult and long process that is testing my faith, perseverance and resilience.  Some hardships have come along the way, and it is testing my kindness, compassion and love.  I’m a bit overwhelmed in all aspects of my life right now, but I anticipate this being a good change for me on developing my own boundaries.

We’re moving to a bigger space, soon.  It will be a good change of pace and space. Especially while Steve and I are developing our relationship in the early stages of our marriage.  I’ve been aware that my body and mind is slowing down as the stress builds up, so I’ve been trying to take care of myself in a way that feels right.

I’m still giving for Lent, and it’s been such a blessing to force myself to give, even when my body is telling me not to. This is probably one of the most difficult lent I’ve given myself…. I think it’s because it’s really easy to discipline myself but it’s extremely hard to be compassionate and charitable to people who I may not always feel is deserving of compassion or the money I work hard for. This #lent is teaching me to be profoundly kind and loving, even in the midst of an angst. How do I not let the devil win in this midst of stress and anxiety?



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