Kindness to myself – Lent

I finished one of two items this week for lent.  Blogging daily for lent has proven to be more difficult then anticipated.  I think this is reflective of where I am in life, to say the least.  I’m working hard, on so many wordly things, I may be putting my faith on the back burner.  I need to be better in this area but still remain kind to myself.  I am a huge advocate of self-discipline, inherently what that means, is that I can also be very cruel to myself.

There’s a lot I need to complete this week, and today, so I think that as long as I remain loving to myself – and compassionate – I can make it.

I spent most of yesterday looking for a new place to move.  It’s been a journey.  It’s almost as though, every place we wanted in the past, disappeared into thin air.  Needless to say, I think patience is key in all of this.  I regretted rushing into the last place, and just need to have faith that God will provide for me, especially in times of need.  No more anxiety for me on this subject.  Anxiety is the worry about things you can not control in the future.  I will leave the future in God’s hand and focus on being present.

How is your spiritual walk today?



With love,



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