most days I don’t recognize me

It’s not simple to say
That most days I don’t recognize me
That these shoes and this apron
That place and its patrons
Have taken more than I gave them
It’s not easy to know
I’m not anything like I used be, although it’s true
I was never attention’s sweet center
I still remember that girl

I think as women we all have a part of ourself that can relate to the lyrics of this song.  I heard this song on the radio, a few days ago, and it just brought out so many emotions inside of me.  Society is always picking us apart, and there are days where you wonder when the true fire inside of you felt the need to be hidden.  I’m glad our generation is beginning to dismantle the complex gender constructs that exist between both heteronormative norms.  Particularly the harmful gender constructs that have dented our ability to see the strengths and weaknesses of both forms.

Just a few thoughts on this beautiful Sunday.



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