Onto the next.

There are so many moving parts in my life right now, and it all feels perfectly fine.  I never thought I would learn to embrace the unknown, but one of the best learning moments (I experienced last year) was the process of trusting your own self-worth and hard work.  Once I stopped identifying my self-worth on others’ approval, I realized how powerful and talented I truly was.  The rest really just followed: my career, the opportunities, my ability to focus on my long-term/ short-term goals, my salary, my spiritual wealth, my relationship, and my overall well being.

I had a particular individual who really helped me through all of it.  She’s been such a blessing, and in many ways, I am forever grateful for the massive amount of help she’s provided me with.  To be honest – my healing process truly started with me being placed on medical leave to focus on my exhaustion.  That journey in itself revitalized a part of me, I thought was long gone.

God has blessed me with such amazing individuals.  He’s given me a lot of growing moments as well. My life has not been easy but he’s really brought me out of dark places.  My life is far from rainbows and sunshines… I’ve learned a lot from the darker days and I think it’s made me a better person.

My husband and I were reading last night and there was a particular phrase that stuck with me.  It said to remember to pray during the dark days just as much as the good days.  And he and I sat with that a bit… and we just thought it through.  How often do we forget to pray when life is going well?  We pray often when we’ve reached a place of hardship, but also forget to give thanks to Him on the good days.

Well, I hope that your Sunday is filled with rest, coffee, and love.  Bless you all.




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