Growing up.

College Room MatesI just watched my undergraduate college roommate get married this weekend.  Our anniversary, with our significant other, is exactly one year and one day apart.  It’s kind of amazing how you grow with others through so many stages of your life.  It’s been such a blessing sharing these little moments with people who have been there for me through every stage of growth in my life.

Steve and I initially planned on having a large American wedding, a few years ago.  We scratched that after others kept asking us to postpone.  This particular room mate was one of the ladies I originally asked to be my bridesmaid.  She’s one of the smartest individuals I know and is such a beautiful soul.

My heart was so warm just catching up with everyone and sharing this exquisite moment of happiness with such a dear and close friend.

In many ways … this weekend was the exact answer I’ve been asking for in my daily prayer to God.  God has such amazing ways of answering our prayers.  He does it in the most subtle ways.  It’s just a matter of trusting whether we can trust His next plan for us.

Need a prayer?  Leave a comment below and I will pray for you.



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