My 2019 Resolution.

There’s so much going on in my mind for the New Year.  I love goals and reflecting on goals.  For myself, I like to have long-term goals, short term goals, achievable goals, and goals that are out of my reach.  I also like to focus on the three states of an individual: mental, spiritual, and physical health.  I am a detail oriented person who focuses on milestones.  It’s important for me to be able to physically see progressions and digressions in my life, so that I know how to steer myself back to the right path.  

  1. Finish and apply. ❤ The details for this will remain closed until 2020.
  2. Complete my certificate in database management. I’ve been taking courses for this for a few months now.  Because I work full time – it’s been a slow work in progress. I love interpreting SEOs, databases, and user behavior.  This has been a really fun project for me, so I’m hoping to obtain my certificate by the end of 2019 or January of 2020. I like the idea of moving towards becoming a data scientist.  This is not related to point one but it’s a cool idea. 😉   
  3. Move into a more comfortable home. I hate where I live right now. I just want to come home to a yard, or larger den, so I can cook my meals in peace. Hopefully this will be settled by March or April because I definitely can not start my family with where I currently live. 
  4. Go to Thailand for my birthday or as a congratulatory gift.  Steve and I were supposed to honeymoon in Thailand together, this year, but it didn’t work out. I’d love to go to Thailand with him for my birthday, after he’s passed his one year mark.  He’s never traveled internationally, and I’ve had elephant sanctuaries on my to do list for quite some time now.  
  5. Lose weight through my eating habits and cook more home dishes.  This unfortunately, is only possible if I move.  My current place is just too small.  There’s very little room to cook and enjoy a meal.  We’re definitely keeping our fingers crossed that the universe will direct us to the right path.  We work so far and in separate directions… it’s difficult to explain.  But there’s not really a middle ground. 
  6. Pay off a credit card. halfway there.
  7. Invest in more. Buy some bonds, stocks or begin looking into homes?
  8. Pray more, grow in my faith, and memorize the Hail Mary. Prayer has been so instrumental for my relationship this year.  I want to continue growing in my faith, love, and devotion. It’s so important for me to love openly.  We all know that we can not love others, until we learn to love ourselves.  I want to learn to love myself in a genuine and authentic way, so that I can love others in the same manner.
  9. Begin trying for a child in December 2019.  I’d like to expand my family, after I move.  I’m not sure what that would entail or how difficult the process would be, but I’ve been itching to have one biological child.  This is a more recent revelation.  I’ve never desired having my own child until late last year.  My physicians have told me, it may be difficult for me to have children, but I’m okay with whatever God has in store for me.  I’ve always wanted a family but I’ve always envisioned a family that was not purely biologically mine (adoption).  Whatever God provides for me, is what I will accept.  
  10. Invest in my marriage: spiritually, emotionally, financially, and physically. 
  11. Read fifty books. fifty. 5-0.  Yes. This should be easy. I did this pretty regularly as an adolescent, so I do not anticipate this being an issue as an adult. I do not ever want to stop learning.  Once we stop learning, we begin limiting ourselves.  We should never give up our dreams of growth or our yearn to succeed.  
  12. Continue meditating, reading scripture, and praying daily. 
  13. Upkeep my emotional well-being.  

Need a prayer?  Leave a comment below and I will pray for you.



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