2018: A reflection on success and learning points.

I wanted to revisit my 2018 goals and get a better idea of how the year went.  First and foremost, thank you to all of my blog supporters.  If you read any of my blogs, from the beginning of the year, you’d see how lost I felt at the beginning of the year.  This year has been such an amazing healing journey and I want to personally thank all of you for being a part of my healing process.  I am blessed to have a group of readers who have supported me through all of stickiness and madness.  I am ending this year on a much lighter/brighter note.  This year has truly been amazing.  I pulled my 2018 NY resolution, from my 2018 blog, and copied it below.  In italics/red, I can provide you with the update on whether or not I accomplished the particular goal. I think this is just a great reflection on where I’m at now:


  1. I would like to officially close this chapter in my career and life (ideally) before July.  This was definitely something I did and was one of the best decisions I made.  I wrote multiple blogs, updating all of you on this journey process, from March all the way until July.  I spent years planning my exit and to this day still have no regrets.  I highly encourage everyone to work towards growth, in whichever career path you choose.  If you do not feel like you are growing, it is time for a change!  I waited one too many years to make this change and wish I would have done it sooner.
  2. I look forward to marriage, starting a family, and going back to school. So many shifts and changes in this direction.  I got married in 2018 (whoo~hoo) !!!  I haven’t started a family but I am officially a wife.  Blessed beyond belief.  School is in the works. ❤  
  3. I anticipate creating creams, serums, and oils for holistic skincare remedies.  I hope to begin selling samples by July 2018.  I’ll primarily be focusing on organic, chemical free products.  I started selling to personal clients but, after obtaining my new job, I really haven’t had time to launch my store.  I did learn how to make all of these products and have been loving every bit and piece of this healing modality. The products are such high quality and I love learning all of the medicinal properties of each and every single herb.  
  4. img_9614I would like to travel to Thailand for my honeymoon in December.  We didn’t get to go to Thailand but we did get to explore the Pacific Northwest.  Thailand, unfortunately, will have to wait for 2019.  Our wedding(s) just got way too expensive.  With the adjustments, of my partner and I taking new jobs, we really didn’t have the vacation/funds to pay for such a big Hmong wedding, american wedding, and honeymoon.  
  5. I want to be a better and happier person.  I want to read more books.  Travel more. Laugh more.  Take more photos.  Did I mention laughing more?  This was definitely an accomplishment.  When I reflect back on 2017 – I can’t even believe how I reached such a dark place in my life.  I feel like such a different person now. I am so grateful for all of my friends and family members for loving me unconditionally.  I have found so much healing this year and really can’t believe my life has turned so full circle.    
  6. I would also like to get myself back into a healthy weight bracket.  In all of the chaos, sadness, and stress I really let myself ‘go’ physically.  I stress ate, stopped working out, was overwhelmed all the time, and sat in my exhaustion, stress and anxiety.  With the wedding behind me, I am no longer feeling stressed.  I didn’t get to the healthy “physical” weight bracket but I definitely reached an amazing milestone with my emotional wellness. In my honest opinion, my emotional well-being took precedence over my physical.  I am still actively working on obtaining a healthier lifestyle but can not believe how much happier I am as a whole this year.  I feel stronger then I did in 2017 (physically) and worked with a personal trainer from August – November to work on my eating habits and core strength.  Now it’s just a matter of upkeeping that lifestyle.  img_9734
  7. I would like to take a step back from bending over for others. I just want to focus on myself this year. I definitely did that this year.  It took awhile…. months actually but I do not regret it.  I have found so much happiness since drawing clear and distinct boundaries with my family.  I also stopped caring about what my parents have to say about my life-decisions.  It is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. 

So. My lovely bloggers.  What is your reflection of 2018?  Did you achieve the goals you gave yourself?  Did you find happiness?  Where are you emotionally and spiritually?  How are you career-wise?  I would love to hear from you.  God has blessed me ten fold this year. I encourage all of you to take time to reflect on your setbacks and accomplishments this year.  Life is a journey and it’s better to do it with happiness, joy, and friendships.


Need a prayer?  Leave a comment below and I will pray for you.



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