The food was amazing.

I’m still falling from our mini-moon and vow exchange experience.  My heart is overflowing with love. When we were in Seattle, we explored the Pike Market, ate, visited the gum wall, tried some of Pike’s clam chowder, cruised Capital Hill, attended the Enchanted Light Show, walked a lot, and ate.  I am such a foodie, so I just wanted to consume as much food as possible.

Our hotels were absolutely beautiful, so we were able to stay indoors for a good amount of time and enjoyed the luxurious comfort of the lobby’s gaming room and bar.  I really have my heart set in settling in the Pacific North West and I’m hoping this trip convinced my husband to settle there too.  A lot of possibly good news came out of this trip, so I’ll keep you posted on this journey in the near-future.   What I love, about the PNW, is that they are extremely dog-friendly.  I also love how fit everyone is there, the nature, the mountains, the clean air, and the lack-of-traffic.

I also stocked up on all-organic medicinal herbs:  raspberry leaves, cedar rose teas, red rose petals, jasmine flowers, calendula, cedar, and hibiscus.  I’m hoping on creating lip tints and balms in the near future.  Hibiscus is a natural dye and creates a beautiful deep red tone, and it is also known as the “botox of skincare” due to its many medicinal properties.  I’m going to use up all my tins and trinkets in the upcoming month to clear some space up in our unit.

It’s my husband’s birthday on the the 31st.  I’m scheduled to work on his birthday – sad, I know, but to make it up to him I bought him a 3/4 day fishing trip for him and a plus one.  To be fair – I’ve never missed his birthday.  I think that’s pretty good, right?


Much love,

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