We’re married!

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m in Portland, Oregon with my in-laws. We are watching a Thai drama and it’s one of those off-comedic romantics. Haha. There’s been so much that’s happened the last two weeks, since I last posted. I got married on the 17th and it was truly magical. It was the most perfect small wedding I could imagine. I didn’t think it would be possible, especially after all of the craziness/sadness following my Hmong wedding.

We followed up with a short trip to Seattle. Oddly, the trip happened during one of their pacific storms and it was chilly and windy. A lot of the locals thought we had the weirdest honeymoon plans for opting to honeymoon in the SEattle winter. To be fair, we had a winter vow exchange, so it only felt appropriate. 😛

We visited the public market on the first day and made a trip to the gum wall. It was so interesting just walking around the entire place, and seeing all of the Hmong florists in the market. I never knew there was a heavy Hmong population in the pacific north west, so it’s interesting seeing how our community has integrated itself into different fields of occupation. Of course, we stopped by the largest light show as well. Very cute and lit up. I’ve never seen anything like it. I wish we had colder weather in Southern California. I love the seasons and dressing up.

To be honest, I never thought I’d have a perfect small American wedding with a sweet honeymoon too. To have a wedding, the way we did, was perfect beyond means. It was exactly what we wanted, focused only on our future, no negative energy, no gossiping, a lot of love, and just a lot of blessings. I’m so glad to start my forever days with my best friend. Have a very blessed Christmas! We are heading back to California tomorrow. Wish us a safe drive back to SoCal!

Much love,

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