Silly kid.

I just bought my flower girl a new dress because I realized how cold its going to be in Portland, Oregon.  Funny thing. When we originally planned this wedding, we were shooting for a Thailand beach wedding. Now we’re exchanging our vows in the winter of Portland, Oregon.  Everything feels backwards from how we initially planned it but that’s okay.

I’m contemplating on whether I should bring my dog with me to Portland.  I initially wanted her in some of my photos but I’m not too sure if that’s happening anymore.

01fd5dce-1eda-40f4-ad12-3fe737ed0f6bI got a stomach bug of some sort, a few days ago, and spent the entire day in bed yesterday. That’s probably one of the biggest blessing (in disguise) that I’ve had since starting my job, being a part time program director, a full time student, and planning two weddings.  It was pouring insanely outside and so I was in / out of bed all day with the dogs.  I moved from the bathroom, back to my bed, approximately every half hour.  I think my dogs appreciated me being home, more than me.  They had zero accidents and just sat at my bedside all day. I think they’ve missed the amount of attention that’s been lacking since all of this madness began back in August. I loved spending time with them, even though it was in the oddest way.  I could tell they’ve missed the time too.  I’m so appreciative of these little moments.  The busy life is a little too busy for me, maybe it’s time for a slower pace in 2019.  How’s that for an end of the year assessment?



Much love,


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