Fourteen days to go.

We have fourteen days to go before we exchange our vows.  Fourteen!  I’m so excited, happy, and content with this.  To be honest, I still need to write my vows.  I’m watching a ton of videos on how to write a vow.  None of them seem helpful.

On the upside I think my partner and I chose my “walk-down-the-aisle” song.  It’s a really sweet song that has a ton of history between us.  I love jewelry boxes and have loved them my entire life.  Especially music jewelry boxes.  One of the first music boxes, my partner bought me, played the Romeo and Juliet lullaby.  We were in a long distance relationship for most of our dating life – and we’d miss each other terribly.  Whenever I missed him, I’d tune the music box and play it.  Ironically enough, it seems like the perfect melody for us to start this new journey.  I know – we are such romantics.

The flowers are officially ordered, the restaurant reserved, the talks are going over well, the honeymoon slightly planned … okay we are procrastinating a LOT. I don’t know but this time doesn’t feel as crazy as the Hmong wedding.  I’m not sure why – but it just feels so comfortable like this.  Having something so small and intimate.  It’s truer to the person I am.  I’m just excited for that first look, walking down the aisle, and exchanging our vows. We waited twelve years for this and I get to have my adorable niece and nephew join us!  ❤

To the moon and back. 

Much love,


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