smiles, uncontrollably.

Its been almost two weeks since I last posted. Ironically enough, I’ve been working on content and really never came around to actually pressing the “submit” button.  Nonetheless – I don’t feel like posting those blogs anymore because I’m in a different head space now.  go – figure.  It’s amazing how much our moods, thoughts, and emotions fluctuate over the course of a few days, weeks, or even hours.  How something so small can be so instrumental in determining how we react to a given situation.

I spent my first Thanksgiving with my in-laws and it was really nice.  It felt cozy, calm, and good to enter a new chapter with my family.  My partner and I are doing great. We are preparing for our exchange of vows on December 17th.  I’m nervous, excited, thrilled, hopelessly romantically intertwined about what to do next.  My life-balance has been wonderful since the Hmong wedding, and any stress/sadness that dwelled on my heart is now long gone.  I am blessed beyond means and am continuously amazed at the way the Lord provides for me.  It is only in these moments, when I fully put my faith in Him, that I see how truly wonderful He is.  I work really hard, so my happiness is often a culmination that speaks of my hard work, but most importantly my faith in trusting Him in the process. Taking leaps of faith matter.  Trust me.

This weekend I’m ordering the floral arrangements, cake, and picking up our printed engagement photos. A lot of things are mixing and moving… but I have faith in the larger picture.  This includes my job, upcoming school schedule, weddings, honeymoons, travels, and even my relationship.  The way things happen doesn’t always make sense … but it will.  In time.  I have faith it will. Don’t you?


Much love,


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