An unexpected turn of events

Last week took an unexpected turn. It is relatively interesting to see how everything the past five years has unfolded into this exact moment. I am blessed and also reluctant to continuously trust the unknown process … however, I am aware that it is through this unknown process that I am at this exact moment in time. A moment to feel treasured and blessed.

Have you ever met someone who blames their circumstance on everyone? They never take accountability for the role they’ve played in their own life.  I think we can all relate to that previous sentence.  We’ve all been there and done that.  Whenever my friends start beating themselves up, I remind them that our internal perspective shapes how we choose to grow from challenging moments.  The toxicity inside of us, can eat us alive, and it is our job to feed our mind positive nutrition/food.

img_8788Last week I received three job offers.  I will not decide on any of them because I have a timeline I am set on.  I am determined to wait until January, to see where this process takes me.  I’m not sure if those three jobs will still be waiting for me but I am confident God will provide for me because He always does.  I used to be so nervous about taking “the leap.” In many ways, it showed how ill my faith was.  I was so sick, mentally, physically, and spiritually, that I couldn’t move or motivate myself to move forward in life.  Everything else was moving around me but I was in a stand still. Now, I’m married to my high school sweet heart, I go to sleep with ease, I am working out again, I love my job, I pray/meditate every day, I eat in moderation and I look forward to every day with my dogs.  This all happened because I took that leap of faith back in March.  I made a commitment to remove the toxicity around me and inside of me.  If you have a constant tug at your heart, or feel weighed down everyday, listen to your body.  There is always a reason why it doesn’t feel right.

Much love,


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