Over time.

Dad asked us to exchange gifts.

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged.  A long while. The madness is overwhelming.  The ache is deep.

Time flies and some people deal with their pain in different ways.  Some people deal with pain by crying, loving deeper, forgiving, or holding out their hope.  Others lash out in a rage of fury because they are no longer able to contain their reality.  Regardless, doing things with the intentions of hurting others or putting them down is never okay.  Ache and growing pains are a normal reality of our life.  How we choose to react in these moments define our true character. Growing up, I did not know how to express pain/hurt because the adults in my home would lash out anytime they experienced any of these emotions.  I grew up normalizing this behavior, accepting it, and taking on some of these characteristics.  Along the way, I learned that maliciously hurting others is never ever okay.  Some people, however, never learn that.  For those who never learn, I hope they find healing at some point in their life.

The Hmong wedding ceremony is done and my partner and I are now a married couple culturally.  With that said, I’m just so relieved to go back to my normal life, and start my family.  I hope that I love my family with the deepest sincerity and honesty… that I trust in their happiness, hope, love, faith and devotion.

I hope all of you find happiness, blessings and comfort in the people who love you.



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