I’ve lost my mind.

Sometimes I think I’ve lost my head.  I am wandering endlessly towards a goal that I haven’t determined yet.  I like where I’m at.  There is a sense of unease and lack of urgency.  There are so many options to choose from but which path should I take?

Right now I have three roads paved in front of me:

  1. The long term one with the greatest financial gratification filled with mediocre fulfillment.  A four year plan.
  2. The one with mental happiness and immediate financial comfort. Within a one year plan.
  3. Financial comfort, national advocacy, and strenuous hours dedicated to reform.  A lifetime plan filled with fulfillment and no ease of mind.

I’m blessed that God guides me but at the same time, am continuously conflicted with which path to follow.  I feel called to move in many directions and wish my talents would fall into one simple pattern.  A cookie cutter, I suppose.  A lot of times our life spills beyond the ridges, and it is only a matter of determining where to go.

I haven’t been as active on social media lately, but I’ve been reading and praying every night still. It seems as though our prayers get longer and longer every evening.  Not necessarily because we are asking for more but because we are talking more to God and unloading our burdens.  It is beginning to feel more and more like a sacred conversation every night and I believe that is the way a prayer should be.

How are all of you? Is there something weighing heavily on your heart?



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