Touch down.

The past few weeks have been insane.  Oh… right… and there’s a-helluva-extra Hmong wedding happening in 31 days.  Yeah… the one I still have to plan. Don’t worry – I’ve got tricks up my sleeves.  Not.

This wedding was definitely my partner’s idea and … uhm… well… I’ll just leave my bridezilla notes in my head at this point.  Pretty stressed and frustrated but I’m faithful it will all turn out well. I think.

With the clock quickly ticking, I’m having a lot of unhappy thoughts come and go.  I have to repeatedly remind myself to stay positive through this entire ordeal.  I am a natural introvert, and hosting large things is not my forte.  It’s also something that just doesn’t come naturally to me.

All to make other people happy?  Wedding planning sucks.  Whoever decided to market this industry is a genius… a billion dollar industry for three to four hours.

Things on my checklist:  kill a cow, find a flower wall, lose weight, find a MUA, and tailor my clothes.



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