Uhm… Too busy for my own good.

img_8044I rushed back to Southern California after a crazy hectic weekend driving up to Fresno, CA. On Friday the director, of our program, was kind enough to let everyone go at 3:00PM.  I sat in traffic for two hours and made my way down to Orange County for my personal trainer.  Just to find out he couldn’t make it… go figure.  so I sat in another hours worth of traffic to pack my clothes in Long Beach.  I didn’t get back until 7:00PM.  I hate traffic…

From there, my partner and I woke up at 4:00AM to make it to Fresno by 10:00AM.  We arrived at approximately 10:30AM to my grandmother’s 80th birthday celebration.  It was a nice day spent catching up with family, some of whom I haven’t seen in decades.  We sang and played games until 1:00AM and made our way back to the hotel, woke up at 7:00AM, and then got back on the road to Southern California at 9:00AM.  We drove straight to Savers but there was soooo much traffic.  Six hours worth of it to be exact…We arrived to Long Beach at 4:30PM.

Savers is a local thrift store in Orange County, CA.  My new work has a rigid dress code and I didn’t feel like spending hundreds of dollars on new business professional attire.  So I opted to take advantage of the labor day thrift sales and purchased 27 items instead.  All for the lovely total of $87.00;  I mainly purchased blouses and tops.  Personally, I like to buy new expensive pants, and then have it tailored to my height.  With blouses and tops I’m not as picky, so I’m hoping these blouses will be enough to last me the next six months.

My sister, partner and I – are considering moving in the next month.  It’s time for something bigger and more comfortable. I hate HATE HATE the place I’m at right now, so this has been a work in progress.  It’ll be perfect before the wedding… or maybe I’m low playing the level of stress/anxiety this will bring upon me.  I have a tendency of under-estimating stress levels.

I was so exhausted yesterday I didn’t even get to finish my first school week’s assignments…. Guess I’ll have to anticipate potential extra credit assignments to make up for it.

I’ve been up since 7:00AM today waiting for my car dent repairs… sigh.  Oh… and I have a program meeting tomorrow I haven’t fully planned for yet. GG.



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