Healing for the soul.

I’m really sad today.

img_7890I wandered around for the first hour, of my morning, with the bird call we’ve been using for Birdy.  I must have walked six blocks in total… through every alley.  Nothing.  No response.  I cleaned her cage and left it open, in case she finds her way back home.  For now… It’ll be a small remembrance of the beautiful bird that we ran into almost two months ago.  We found it as a fledgling with a broken wing, broken talon, unable to eat, or drink.  I syringe fed it for most of the summer until a few weeks ago.  It learned to eat and drink during its time with us… it never learned to fly.  I am so sad as I’m typing this.  I hope it found safety.

So… with that deep sadness inside of me… I decided to make some herbal medicine today. As you know, making things always helps me feel better.  I have rosemary and mint hydrosol brewing right now.  Not sure what I’m going to use it for, but I’m sure I can butter something up in the future with it especially since it has so many medicinal benefits. Until then… can you say a prayer for me?  My heart is a bit heavy today.

With Love,



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