My one month break.

It’s been one month since I left my former job.  It has been such a healing journey, this past month, filled with happiness, hope, and fulfillment.  The Lord has continually blessed me and I am forever grateful for the unending love and grace He has provided me.  I doubted Him, for so many years, and should have taken this leap of faith earlier.  I am blessed beyond belief and am continuously grateful for the amount of love I have been granted with.

img_0136In this month long break, I decided to take a six month contract research position at a cancer research facility.  I am scheduled to begin this upcoming Wednesday.  I mentioned previously, I was unable to obtain some of the pre-reqs (this fall) that was very much needed for the doctorate programs I was hoping to apply to.  With that said, I am blessed this opportunity came up!  Most importantly, it ends just in time for the Spring semester.  What I love most, is that it will give me the opportunity to help contribute more to my wedding costs.  During this time, I also agreed to be an interim program director for a local non-profit in Orange County.  I officially delve waist deep next week.

My partner has been so patient with me throughout this entire process and I am blessed with his love too.  The best part, I’ve lost 5 lbs so far!  My previous work life was so complicated and really didn’t allow me to have any freedom to take care of myself or others.  I was driving hundreds of miles any given day.  It was exhausting.

God is good, all the time.  Trust in His process and the plans He has for you.  Take that leap.  It is through those leaps you grow the most.

oh… the reason why my cute dogs are featured here, is because I love them so much. I fully potty trained the puppy during my break.  I’m going to miss hanging out with them so much </3 say it aint so.



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