I did so many things today… I’m exhausted.  I woke up, took the bird in, took the dogs out, went to LBCC to print out transcripts, picked up my sister, took my TB test, obtained quotes for Lao desserts, went to USPS, visited the venue … just to find out two of the three rooms I wanted to add to my contract is no longer available.  With that being said…. eight hours later.

Yes, that took eight hours. Eight hours and seventy plus miles.

img_7664Themed wedding plannings are kind of difficult but it’s exciting at the same time.  A lot of people will be dressing up.  As always, I won’t be too flashy but will love watching everyone get festive to celebrate my partner and my union.  We are visiting local Lao shops to get quotes for various desserts and treats.

Also. I picked up an eight-month contract position at a cancer research facility to help pay for my wedding.  😐 Yeah. I’m expected to start August 20th.  Let’s just say my break was short-lived but the costs of wedding planning (particularly with my Mom) started accruing way too fast. The great part is: it’s eight months.  The bad part, prereq courses I was supposed to take in the fall will be postponed to the Spring of 2019.  I had to alleviate some of the financial stress from my partner.  That definitely took precedence, after seeing how hard it was to balance the bills with a Hmong wedding coming up.




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