Flipping my life.

I started flipping wood pieces at the beginning of the year.  I realized how simple it was to take something old and make it look like a million bucks.  Throughout this process, I discovered how healing it was to revitalize wood pieces.  There is something beautiful, and healing, around taking something old and turning it into something new.

img_0463In March, during my medical leave, I started thinking about how I left a creative part of me behind back in high school.  I had been given a series of gifts and wanted to bury it with whatever life I left behind.  My adolescent years were very traumatic and I ran from every good human emotion, to numb the deep pain in my life.  I grew robotic, angry, and isolated.  I shut myself from everyone and did not want deep meaningful relationships.  Investing in relationships, felt like giving a piece of vulnerability, something I no longer wanted to give away.  Anytime I got close to telling people why I fled from my past, they would get nervous and back away.  So I started thinking there was something inherently wrong with me.  There wasn’t.

Wood work reminds me a lot of where I am now, I think.  I take something that no one wants and see an exquisite piece of work.  I remove the scarred outer layers through sanding and reveal the strong wood frame underneath, that is holding everything together.  I unhinge the the rusted metal handles and give it a brighter coat so the world can see that it is strong and beautiful.  I give the wood a new coat, to match it’s true brilliance, and seal it with paint (an example of its new strength).  Before you know it, it has gone from a $5.00 goodwill item to an $80.00 drawer set.  I think that’s how my life has felt all the way up until now, and it’s just so good to finally be in a good place again.  One that is without trauma, abuse, and pain.

What helps you heal?



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