my week, words of worth.

img_0453I felt useless this week.  I was frustrated and found the heat to be disgustingly entrenched in my negative emotions.  The burn on my hand hurt  got better and worst throughout the week.

I’m not used to being injured and kept injuring myself more in the process of trying to do everyday normal things.  I tore into my burn twice doing everyday routines:  taking the dogs out and trying to open my medicine cap.  Yeah…

On the upside, we completed the invitations this week, a big shout out to my sister.  Her gift to me was making our invitations.  Steveo’s been all over the invitations, he’s much pickier than me.  Especially since our October marriage celebration is for him, my parents, and his family. It’s definitely not for me. I haven’t been too crazy about planning.  Particularly because wedding planning does not appeal to me.  October’s celebration is a non-traditional celebration so… it’s complicated. I’ll be wearing a traditional Lao dress, and it is a Lao themed celebration.  I can’t wait to pair it with my rubies and gold bracelets.

The baby bird, we rescued a few weeks ago, learned to eat and drink on its own this week.  I’m so proud of its progress and the way its grown.  My only fear is that it is not scared of humans or dogs… Which would make its release quite complicated, in my opinion. However, it brings me joy to know that something good came of its rescue.  Its talon is still not fully recovered, and I’m not sure it will ever be, but I can’t believe I was able to nurture it back to better conditions. Love how blessings come in so many shapes and forms.

So… there it is.  My week has been a whirlwind of pain and happiness.

How are all of you? How is this heat treating you?





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