An hour before burning my handI burnt my left hand over the weekend.  My partner and I had a disagreement, and I decided to make egg rolls for dinner to let things die over.  I was almost done cooking, the egg rolls, when I noticed the pan getting abnormally hot.  The uncooked raw egg roll fell out of my hand, into the sizzling oil, and that sizzling oil splattered onto my hand.  At the moment, my hand is all shades of purple and badly blistered.  I’m using my medicinal lavender, comfrey, calendula salve to help with the healing process.  The first couple of hours, following the burn, I was just crying in pain.  I’m not usually a cryer – but I’ve never experienced a pain like this before… so it was new to me.  A combination of stab, throb, and intense ache.

On the bright side, I said “yes to the dress,” yesterday. I got the dress for an incredible deal.  I went below my budget by a couple hundred (which for an unemployed person, is great)!  It was honestly the most simple dress, of all the dresses I tried, but it matched me so perfectly.  It wasn’t over the top, but detailed enough to be like, “Yes.  That is classic Tang.”  I just ordered the shoes and already booked my fitting.  I am still looking for a veil and will probably go with a floor length cascading lace veil.  I’m so excited to piece all of the looks together!

So. There were highs, lows, ups and downs, this weekend.  But I look forward to updating all of you on all of these processes.  And my hands.  I’m updating instagram quite a bit on my hands (probably a bit more graphic then most people want) but that’s okay, right?






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