Go, country.

img_7112It was a full house last night in Los Angeles’ Staples center for Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill’s Soul2Soul Tour II.  My partner surprised me with this amazing birthday gift, and I’m still a little awestruck.  Today is my birthday.

I grew up on country music.  Not the new country music that talks about one-night-stands, getting wasted, sorority girls, kind of country music.  But the Garth Brooks, Randy Travis, Tim Mcgraw, Trisha Yearwood, Jo Dee Messina, and Brad Paisley kind of country music.

Well, I grew up listening to Tim Mcgraw because it was my brother’s favorite artist.  He was always in the passenger seat (because he was older and the only boy) so he’d get to control the FM stations.  He would turn on 93.9 and sing off-key to Tim Mcgraw, all the time.  He’d say,  “You know, Tim Mcgraw has a really hard voice to sing so you have to sing really high or really low.”  Then he’d belt out, “I’m going to live where the green grass grows.”  But his favorite was always, “bbq stain on my white t-shirtttt.” As always, off-key.

So we grew up listening to country music.  My parents preferred it over the spice girls, nsync, and the backstreet boys.

My partner didn’t grow up with country music, so it took him by surprise when I told him that was my favorite genre.  I did grow up in Orange County after all.  In our time together, I’ve really hated the new direction country music has moved in … so was thrilled when he surprised me with Tim Mcgraw tickets! Especially because they both sing their classic songs in concert, still.  The crowd was so pleasant and kind.  Everyone was well-mannered and open-hearted.  I attended a rodeo thing back in 2013, to watch Scotty Mcreery perform, and the people there stenched of racism.  Not here.  At this concert, the attendees were just good loving open-minded people.  How’s that?!  No one was surprised that a tiny little Asian girl new every line to the Faith Hill and Tim Mcgraw lyrics.  🙂

My favorite song is still, Just to See You Smile, by Tim Mcgraw.  It reminds me of my partner a lot.  My partner would do anything, at the end of the day, to make me happy.   Even though we’ve had a lot of ups and downs (as a couple), I know he loves me enough to do anything to make me happy.  And that’s a unique kind of love.  ❤

It’s my birthday and I am feeling pretty damn good. Eight’s my lucky number. 28, 2018, 2008.  It’ll be a great year.



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