My period.

Ever just wake up, and your uterus is screaming at the top of its lungs?  It’s like, “Hello?  I think you forgot about me, let me stab a thousand knives into your uterus, let you bleed out, and remind you that it’s that time of the month, again.”  Kudo’s to all the ladies who get cramps, all the time.   My cramps are nothing compared to other stories I hear….

So that’s essentially how my Wednesday is going today.  Although I must say that I am rather proud of the 1938021841 things I accomplished today.  I paid all my Fall fees, bought my books, meditated, cleaned my house, washed/deflea-d my fur babies, prayed for an hour, and picked up my chromebook today.  It’s amazing how high quality things can be nowadays, for such a low price!  I guess, I’ve had a macbook the past couple of years and have forgotten how much easier microsoft laptops are.  Although… I do still believe Apple has better customer service. Overall, though, microsoft is more user-friendly especially when it comes to coding and data related software programs.

My second day of no-work is interesting.  I find that I am always adding things to my calendar.  I guess I don’t really know how to take a break … but I’m trying and I think that’s what counts. Right?  Exactly.



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